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About us

TAT provides the best electromechanical systems' solutions that cover various industrial, residential , and commercial projects, and it supports projects of all sizes.

The company was inaugurated in 1995, and started operating in the field of HVAC. TAT has been keen on encompassing the best expertise that are known for their creative designs and innovative solutions tailored to suit both customers' needs and expectations, it is also known being extremely successful in dealing with after construction problems or performance enhancement for previously built projects.

TAT has numerous high caliber personnel of high training and professional level, sufficiently qualified to face all execution problems and requirements for any project. They are also capable of dealing constructively with the rest of the project disciplines, including staff and systems, in order to enhance the team spirit.

TAT's previous works in the field of HVAC design and construction enabled it to be one of the best in Egyptian and Arab markets. The company endeavors to pace with the daily global progress, as it is closely related to the international corporations operating in the field. TAT also offers its expertise - in the thermal loads calculation, design procedures, methodologies, used materials and approved manufactures - according to the latest international codes which are continuously reviewed and updated.

L & D, the sister company
In 2009, the company management established the sister company "L & D Design House Ltd" in the United Kingdom, and registered it under number 70777, in the House of companies for England and Wales UK. This company is specialized in offering design solutions to our customers in the Gulf region, and it is considered an outlet for the mother company, through which unavailable needs at the local market can be provided, as in the case of fine scientific applications; such as: research laboratories and operation rooms. Moreover, we managed to provide communication channels with some of the best companies in Europe operating in the fields of testing, calibration and balancing.

Environmental standards has become a highly important issue, and the company primarily focused to adhere to the environmental conditions and obligations, in terms of usage of environment-friendly materials, rational use of resources, or following the environment protection international protocols; such as: ISO quality systems, or LEED standards . TAT is considered one of the few companies in the region that abides by these protocols in the execution of projects, and that owns sufficient experience in these fields.

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